Organic Green Curry Sutharos Thai

Organic Green Curry

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Thailand's Spiciest Curry

"Green Curry," or as we say in Thai, "Kaeng Kaew Wan," is a spicy Thai traditional curry. Green Curry is known for its spicy and aromatic flavor, enriched with the fresh taste of coconut milk. The dish usually includes a combination of seasonal vegetables and a protein such as tofu, chicken, or fish. Let your culinary creativity flow and add your own favorite ingredients!


These Thai Green Curry Cooking Sets are USDA certified organic, 100% Vegan, and Gluten-Free. Each set is enough to serve 2 people and contains all organic green curry paste, curry seasoning, coconut milk,  spices, and herbs you’ll need to make a delicious Curry dish in less than 10 minutes. Best of all, you’ll be bringing Thailand’s fragrant aromas and delicious flavors right into your own home.


Be prepared though. This dish leans towards the spicy side of life! To reduce the spiciness level, remove the dried Thai red peppers before cooking.



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