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Our Start

Our journey began over 20 years ago when Mr. Somkiat Wongprasert founded a small food ingredients company. It gained international recognition as a provider of fresh and high quality food. And soon enough, Mr. Somkiat found himself traveling around the world for business.


One night on a business trip in Europe, he felt homesick and searched the city for Thai food as comfort. He was unsuccessful but the disappointing experience inspired him to embark on a new mission: to help everyone enjoy authentic Thai meals, anywhere in the world.

So in 2008, Sutharos, “The Taste of Thailand,” was born. And to ensure high quality, sustainable ingredients, Mr. Somkiat decided that Sutharos would grow its own organic Thai herbs and vegetables. The first organic seeds were planted that very same year. And after 2 years perfecting the recipe, Sutharos introduced its first Sutharos cooking set, a quick and easy 3 step Tom Yum Soup.

Thai Holy Basil Farm Sutharos Thai
Organic Tom Yum Soup Sutharos Thai

Our Dream

Today there are over 30 different organic Sutharos products available with many more to come. We take pride in sourcing from our own sustainable, organic local farms in order to bring the true Taste of Thailand into your homes.  We want to set the highest standards for quality and authenticity because this is food we share with everyone, especially our own families and friends.


Mr. Somkiat started with a dream to have a home style Thai meal anywhere he traveled in the world, and at Sutharos, we strive to make that dream a reality, one Thai meal at a time.

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